Intermission - Living, Learning, Going, where you havn't been before


At last! An opportunity for young adults to grapple with issues of life, faith and mission in a supportive, challenging and stimulating environment!

Do you know what you're going to be doing in 2017? Are you ready?

Intermission might be the perfect next step for you. Come and find out more at our Intermission Explore Night on Friday 16th September. 7pm at Carey. Our Guest Speaker is Mick Duncan.




Intermission is a one year fulltime course at Carey Baptist College designed with recent school leavers in mind who are keen on being stretched and challenged in their faith and life direction. We think that Intermission is a fantastic opportunity for those that want some time and space to think, learn and develop as a follower of Jesus. Intermission is not a waste of a year, but a chance to grow and to go where you have not been before.


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